Montana State Fund Presents YBGR with More than $95,000

Sally Venard, Safety Director
Sally Venard, Safety Director

Montana State Fund is presenting Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch with a dividend of $95,279.68. The check is being presented to YBGR as a result of proven results by implementing a successful culture of safety during the 2013-14 policy year.

“The safety of youth and employees at YBGR is our utmost priority,” said Sally Venard, the safety director at YBGR. “Reflective care and regular training in de-escalation techniques are major contributing factors to fewer injuries on our campus.”

Montana State Fund, the largest workers’ compensation insurance carrier in Montana, declared a record $35 million dividend in November. The dividend returns a portion of premiums back to those policyholders who have made a commitment to provide a safe workplace for their employees and, in turn, lower injury rates. Since 1999, MSF has returned more than $141 million to policyholders through the dividend process.

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