Individual Placement and Support Employment Program

Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch – Community Based Services (YBGR-CBS) offers Individual Placement and Support Services (IPS) to youth in Yellowstone County.  IPS is funded by a grant through the state of Montana. 

What is the main goal of IPS?

The main goal of the IPS program is to expose the youth to competitive employment in a meaningful and informative way.  The program takes an evidence-based approach to empower youth to live healthy, productive lives despite their mental illnesses. 

What are the benefits of IPS?  

  • Build positive rapport with Employment Specialist
  • Customize services for each youth
  • Recognize and build on youth’s skills, interests and accomplishments
  • Create resumes
  • Explore community resources
  • Practice social cues and skills
  • Apply for employment
  • Meet potential employers
  • Learn interview skills
  • Obtain and maintain competitive employment
  • Gain self-esteem, confidence and independence
  • Provide job supports such as advocating and coaching
  • No time limit for IPS services
  • Promote earning a high school education, attending college, or completing any program beyond high school
  • Employment Specialists are part of the treatment team
  • Use skills and the ability to obtain employment without Employment Specialist
  • Noticed decrease in anxiety, depression, oppositional behavior. substance use, suicidal ideation, and self-sabotaging behaviors.
  • Noticed increase in social skills, self-esteem, independence, mood regulation, confidence, life skills and job skills.