Spiritual Life Program

YBGR creates a unique approach to creating healing and healthy relationships. This model allows us to provide character training with and without religious components.

Our faith-based activities are voluntary. We recognize and respect the diversity of faith which clients follow. If a family or youth requests to attend a service or group other than what we provide, we will make every effort to make other arrangements. If a client requests a spiritual mentor from a specific faith, we do our best to discover and pair a mentor with the youth.

Chapel Service

This is a weekly time for YBGR youth to come together to share in worship.

Virtues Groups

These are an alternative service offered to youth who choose not to attend Chapel services. This group focuses on character development by using a variety of resources.

Staff Care

This support is provided for staff facing issues that impact their performance and experience in their professional role as it relates to spirituality.

Staff Training

Staff may choose to participate in trainings that focus on how to care for the spiritual needs of themselves and the youth they serve.

Spiritual Mentors

These are community volunteers who are provided with training which allows them to provide spiritual mentorship to our youth.

Spiritual Care

We provide prayer, care, and support for employees and youth who desire this specific type of care.

Young Life

This consists of fun youth group activities to build relationships with members of the spiritual program and other youth within the residential program. This group is designed for youth to experience a spiritual gathering that offers them the ability to share feelings and emotions in a safe environment.

Bible Studies

This is provided for youth interested in participating and engaging in the study of scripture.


YBGR is seeking volunteers for our spiritual mentorship program. Those interested can learn more by contacting John Boeder at (406) 651-2871 or jboeder@ybgr.org.