Monthly Archives: June 2023

Spring is A-Buzz with Activity at YBGR

Spring is almost over, and man has it been a busy one at YBGR.

The youth enjoyed the second annual Spring Social Supper on May 12th.  This year’s event featured a fantastic meal from Sodexo that the youth got to pre-ordered on RSVP cards; a candy bar full of treats thanks to a generous donor; and whimsical decorations in the dining hall thanks to some wonderful neighbors that wanted to help make the night a hit.

The youth went thrifting at Goodwill to find attire for the event and to take their turn at the photo booth.  They also got to practice their social and coping skills in a festive environment and enjoyed the night off from chores as staff and volunteers did all the serving and cleaned up.

On May 26th YA and YBGR celebrated six youths that have overcome a lot in their short lives and earned the honor of graduating high school. Youth were celebrated by their families, staff, and peers in the Chapel and enjoyed a cupcake reception after the ceremony.

The following week was a blur of activity as the kids were getting ready for school break and the annual Spring Fling Clean-up on June 1st. Youth and YA staff have been getting ready for the annual clean-up since late January when they headed into the greenhouse to plant seeds. They nurtured their seedlings to life and learned a lot along the way, from growing in a greenhouse, how to remediate less than ideal soil, not to over or underwater, and patience. Their efforts paid off and the campus is abuzz with happy bees from the seven hives YA has going this year flitting from flower to flower gathering their pollen to make some delicious honey!