Therapeutic Foster Care

Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch – Community Based Services (YBGR-CBS) offers Therapeutic Foster Care (TFC) to youth and families across the state of Montana. Home Support is funded by Healthy Montana Kids Plus – Medicaid and Healthy Montana Kids – Extended.

What’s the main goal of Therapeutic Foster Care?
The main goal of TFC is to provide the youth with a safe, nurturing home either long term or temporarily. TFC is a service that occurs in the home setting where each foster family is assigned a Treatment Manager who makes weekly home visits to foster families and the youth in their care. Typically, the whole family participates in these home visits.

What are the benefits of TFC?
• TFC managers make weekly home visits to foster families and youth in foster care.
• TFC teaches families how to implement new ideas to best meet the needs of the foster child.
• Treatment Managers take a respectful, humble approach to honor the family’s needs, desires, and dreams.
• They build success and overcome challenges by identifying and utilizing the family’s strengths.
• They often work on communication, boundaries, healthy expression of emotions, and parenting skills during home visits.
• Family goals are worked on and followed up with each week.
• Monthly respite services are provided.
• 24/7 emergency on-call services are available.