Programs and Admission

Residential Education

Yellowstone Academy is a Therapeutic Educational program that provides individualized educational programming for students 8 – 18 years of age, who have been admitted to YBGR for residential treatment or live in the surrounding community and attend the day school.

The education programs at Yellowstone Academy serve students requiring special programming and support. YA staff meet regularly with parents, school personnel, outside agencies, mental health service providers, and advocacy groups to develop individual education plans (IEPs) for students.

YA continuum of instruction includes self-contained and rotation classrooms geared to the individual needs of the youth served. A typical classroom staffing in the Yellowstone Academy consists of one teacher plus lodge staff in each classroom. The number of students in the classroom varies, but every effort is made to keep the class size to 10 or lower. Students are supervised at all times, including walking between classes, going to the bathroom, eating lunch, and participating during recess. Teachers record daily behavior ratings and monthly summaries of each student’s performance for progress reporting, program planning, and student accountability. An Educational Discharge Summary and formal Transcript are completed for each student when discharged from the Yellowstone Academy. These documents are sent to the receiving school district and/or parents upon request.

Class offerings include core subjects in science, mathematics, English, social studies, and physical education. Electives in fine arts and practical arts are offered, as well. Unique vocational opportunities are available, such as small engine repair, metals, and woodworking. School is offered year-round.

Related ancillary services are provided for students on an as-needed basis. YA has speech therapy, occupational therapy, and school psychology services. The residential treatment program of YBGR supports the YA with other clinical services including individual, family and group therapies, and psychiatric services.

Yellowstone Academy’s purpose is to provide excellence in education through trusting, positive and supportive relationships.

Yellowstone Academy

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