Psychological Testing

Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch – Community Based Services (YBGR-CBS) offers Psychological Testing to youth across the state of Montana. Psychological Testing is funded through private insurance, Medicaid, sliding fee, or self-pay.

What’s the main goal of Psychological Testing?
The main goal of psychological testing is to provide clients, parents and guardians, and treatment providers with information regarding cognitive, personality, and behavioral functioning for children to improve understanding of their problems and the selection of appropriate treatment interventions.

What are the benefits of Psychological Testing?

  • Improving diagnostic acuity for clients and care providers
  • Better understanding the cognitive, emotional, behavioral, and personality issues in clients for care providers and families
  • Treatment recommendations based on data that drive appropriate interventions
  • A communication tool that assists clients, parents/guardians, and treatment providers in understanding diagnoses and appropriate treatment
  • Providing a standard of care within the mental health field